It’s official! Our Pasco office is now open

It’s official! Our Pasco office is now open

Until Feb. 1, 2023, we were Group Health Foundation. This post was written under our former identity. To learn more about our new name, read our announcement here.

Two children dance under a pavilion.

The Yakama Nation’s Iksiks Washana’lama (or Little Swans Dancers) performing at our Pasco office grand opening party in July. Photo: Ignacio Marquez

Our office in Pasco is now open! More than two years ago, we shared our plans to establish our second office and expand our presence in Washington. After countless visits to the greater Tri-Cities area — planning, exploring potential sites, and navigating the unpredictability during a pandemic — we finally opened the doors to our new physical space this summer.

President and CEO Nichole June Maher (left) and Program Officer Rubén Peralta (right) kick off the event. Rubén honored the park’s namesake, Noburo Fukuda: “Some of you may remember him by his nickname, ‘Peanuts.’ He was a local celebrity to us kids because of his kindness. For 30 years, he rode around on his bicycle and gave away candy to local children.” Photo: Ignacio Marquez

To mark this occasion, GHF hosted a celebration in July at Peanuts Park with grantees and community leaders that featured vendors, performers, and artists in the region, from the Tri-Cities to the Yakima Valley.

“We selected Pasco as one of our home offices because of its significance in the state,” shared our President and CEO Nichole June Maher during our grand opening party.  “Pasco is a critical economic hub for the region. It’s also an important cultural hub, steeped in rich history and contributions by Native American, African American, Asian, Latino, and other communities of color who have built a vibrant community.”

The new space is in the U.S. Post Office building in Downtown Pasco. It was remodeled to include a more accessible gathering area available for communal use. GHF aims to support local community groups and organizations by offering a place to convene and build relationships.

A brick one-story building with white trim against a blue sky

Our new home is in the U.S. Post Office building in Downtown Pasco. Photo: Choco-foto photography

“The thing I love the most about Pasco, Washington, is its sense of community,” said Jerry Martinez, executive director of the Downtown Pasco Development Authority. “This place has roots in agriculture, in Mexico, El Salvador, places all around the Americas, and the connection to our culture is the thing that I love the most.”

We extend our thanks and gratitude to Iksiks Washana’lama (Little Swans Dancers), Whitefoot Studio, NuffSed, Isidro Barajas, Kona Ice, Guadalajara Style, Brothers Cheesesteaks, Kettle Corn Factory, Tipsy’s Tavern, Riverside A/V, Ms. Flowers Interpreters & Translators, David V35, Ignacio Marquez Photography, and volunteers who made our gathering possible.

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