Meet Dion Asberry

Meet Dion Asberry

Until Feb. 1, 2023, we were Group Health Foundation. This post was written under our former identity. To learn more about our new name, read our announcement here.

Dion recently joined Group Health Foundation as the human resources director. When he heard about the foundation and its commitment to social justice, he knew that this was the culmination of everything in his career coming together for the right work at the right time.

“Being a person of color with my own health story, I recognize the impacts of racial injustices. I’m eager to be part of an organization looking to make extraordinary changes that improve health equity, not just in Seattle, but across the state of Washington.”

Dion started out studying theology and accounting at Warner Pacific College in Portland. Though he quickly discovered, “In accounting, you are either right or wrong, there is no grey area. I realized instead of a numbers person, I’m more of a social person.” Recognizing this, Dion became drawn to human resources, where he could work with people. 

After college, Dion moved to Seattle to work in recruitment for Alaska Airlines, then for Starbucks Coffee Company. In 2008, his career took a fortuitous turn to work in the health and nonprofit sectors. For five years, Dion was a senior employment specialist at Group Health Cooperative, where he appreciated being part of a nonprofit focused on providing wholistic care and keeping costs low for patients. He continued in the health field to work for Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, and most recently, for Neighborcare Health.

A big part of Dion’s life is serving as a minister and part of the clergy at Freedom Church of Seattle, where he delivers sermons twice a quarter. His style is inclusive, motivational, and inspirational. His sermons tend to center around love – “that really is the core that brings us together.” At Freedom Church, he’s involved with the Youth Violence Prevention Network, which engages young people in preventing violence of any form, as well as with the 100 Man Army, which brings together males of all ages for worship and community service.

Helping people help themselves is a common thread across his ministry and human resources work. Dion believes everyone has something to contribute. “We can get up from wherever we are in life, and move, take action.” He’s excited about the possibilities with Group Health Foundation, and being part of helping identify and support people to take action in addressing social and racial inequities across Washington.