Meet Shannon Duff

Meet Shannon Duff

Until Feb. 1, 2023, we were Group Health Foundation. This post was written under our former identity. To learn more about our new name, read our announcement here.

A woman standing in front of a house wearing a brown hat, grey shirt, denim jeans and multicolored shoes smiling while looking to the left over her shoulder while carrying a blue purse.

Shannon enjoying the scenic view and fresh air of Columbia River Gorge in Cascade Locks, Oregon.

As grants manager, Shannon Duff oversees GHF’s grants management efforts to ensure that our grantmaking operations are effective and accountable to grantees. She and her team work with program officers and other foundation staff to manage grants from proposal submission to grant closure. For the last six years, Shannon was a grants administrator for Northwest Health Foundation.

When it comes to work, identity is an important theme for Shannon. As a biracial Filipina born in the Philippines, she’s navigated many intersections and connected bridges of identity. Her father, originally from eastern Oregon, relocated her family to his hometown after retiring from his job in the Philippines, where Shannon lived until the age of ten.

“Moving from privileged schools and communities in the Philippines to Pendleton, Oregon was a big culture shock. But I look back on those experiences and I’m so grateful,” shares Shannon, who adds that the intersection of her identities helps her make meaningful connections with people. Shannon says that coming from a different country to live in a small town presented its own unique challenges, especially as a teenager. She adds that it can be hard for people to understand the complexities and needs of rural communities.

Service is another element that plays a vital role in Shannon’s personal and professional life. Shannon gravitates toward grantmaking operations work because of her strong desire to give back to the community. In the Philippines, she volunteered as a grant coordinator to support sustainability initiatives, and also helped with community-led development and micro-finance programs in Senegal. She’s excited for opportunities to connect with Filipino communities in the state, particularly in southwest Washington, to maintain a strong link with her heritage and people.

A woman wearing a brown hat and grey shirt smiling at the camera while on a wood and chain swing hanging from a tree.

Shannon smiling on a swing in Cascade Locks, Oregon.

Shannon looks forward to having a hand in the grantmaking process at GHF. Having recently moved to Vancouver, Washington, she is eager to learn more about the people here through her role. “I really feel like it’s a wonderful overlap between my values, my background, and my skills in grants management,” Shannon shares.

Shannon strikes a balance between work and life with activities such as traveling, rallying up a team for local trivia nights, and scuba diving. She also enjoys charcuterie boards, cheese, and sharing recommendations of her favorite gamay wines. A dual citizen of the United States and Philippines, Shannon often visits her birthplace to stay connected to her culture, care for her family, and volunteer at places that hold a special place in her heart.