Ann Ngo

Directora de tecnología y operaciones

Ann manages the foundation’s technology platforms and programs and leads related projects in coordination with department leads, contractors, and consultants. Her role also includes providing staff trainings, resources and tools, and keeping abreast of cybersecurity policies, protocols and guidelines.

Growing up the daughter of refugees and in a multicultural immigrant community in Everett, Ann has witnessed firsthand how the health of individuals is deeply impacted by the community structures surrounding them. She has held on to these experiences as she pursued an undergraduate and graduate degree in public health. In her professional career, Ann has been compelled to work at nonprofit organizations that center communities in their work and service.

Most of Ann’s time outside of work is centered around her toddler daughter, Hannah, and making sure she is thoroughly entertained. This includes in-depth exploration of every single neighborhood park and playground within a 30-mile radius of her home in Shoreline. In the future, Ann hopes to write a guide to local parks and playgrounds for exhausted caregivers.

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