Farid Rasuli

Analista de operaciones de inversión

Farid Rasuli joins the Inatai Investment Management Company as an investment operations analyst. He has an associate degree in business from Bellevue College and will earn his bachelor’s degree from Seattle University in business economics.

Farid was born and raised in the Malistan district of Ghazni, Afghanistan and identifies as Hazara, an ethnic group which has historically been persecuted by the Afghan government. He fled Afghanistan at the age of 14 as part of the United Nation’s unaccompanied refugee minors’ program. He spent three years living in Indonesia before resettling in Washington in 2017.

Before joining Inatai, Farid worked as a program and data coordinator at the Mockingbird Society, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the foster care system and ending youth homelessness. Farid was also nominated and selected as a 2023 Young Transition Funders Group Fellow. In his free time, Farid enjoys camping and exploring the great outdoors. He also enjoys playing soccer and cooking for friends. His signature dish, bolani, is a fried bread filled with potatoes and leeks.

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