Steven Cole-Schwartz

Vicepresidente de concesión de subvenciones

As a vice president, Steven is responsible for the vision, development, and implementation of a range of grantmaking, leadership, and power-building strategies to advance racial justice and equity in Washington and beyond. Steven has been nationally recognized for moving philanthropy toward greater investment in people and communities. He is particularly committed to supporting community leaders in becoming increasingly influential advocates and changemakers. Most recently, he served as the executive director of The Partnership Funds, a collaborative dedicated to winning anti-racist independent political power in states across the country. Steven was also the founder of his own consulting firm, a senior leader at the Tides Foundation, and an early staff member at Ballot Initiative Strategy Center.

Steven serves on the board of the Funder’s Committee for Civic Participation, for whom he was previously co-chair. He is on the governing board of the Alliance for Youth Organizing, and was a founding board member of the Ohio Transformation Fund, among other grantmaking collaborations. Steven, his husband, and their dog are delighted to explore Washington state, following more than 15 years in the District of Columbia, where they were proud Washingtonians of a different type. Steven studied theology and philosophy at Creighton University.

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