Everywhere in Washington, communities are building power for racial justice and equity.

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Five years with Jorge Gutierrez: There’s immense joy at the heart of communities we serve.

Senior Program Officer Jorge Guitierrez celebrates his anniversary at Inatai Foundation with his thoughts on the past five years. 


Five years with Steven Cole-Schwartz: Our queer family is stitched into the fabric of every single community.

Our Vice President of Grantmaking celebrates five years serving Washington communities. 



Inspired by and accountable to communities

Leaders and organizations with bold visions for racial justice and equity are building power in diverse communities in every part of Washington state. Our vision begins with them: their ideas, solutions, and dreams for social change.

Committed to racial justice and equity

We are a multiracial 501(c)(4) grantmaking organization working to transform the balance of power to ensure equity and racial justice across Washington state and beyond. Our team of skilled and strategic thinkers and doers are from the communities we support and bring all of who we are to this work.

Going forward together

Our commitment to Washington communities propels four distinct areas of work: grantmaking, relationship building, policy and advocacy, and investment management. Together, our work ensures community-rooted organizations and leaders have the power and freedom to reshape every part of Washington state for equity and racial justice.

Building community power

Power is the strength to turn vision into reality. When communities have power, they can transform society. Inatai Foundation funds, invests, convenes, and advocates so community organizations and leaders have what they want and need to build and sustain their own power. 

Our Reach in 2022

Since 2019, we have built relationships in every county of Washington and granted more than $220 million to organizations and leaders rooted in their communities driving racial justice and equity forward. Read our latest grantmaking report for more.

million in funding


Of organizations are BIPOC led


as unrestricted grant awards

(out of 39) Washington counties where grantees are based

A better future for Washington State

In the interdependent, multiracial, and inclusive society we seek, we are not free until we are all free.

Whatever that takes, however long it takes, we will not stop until we reshape every part of Washington together with communities.

Inequity and injustice transcend county lines. We believe in a future where equity, justice, and joy do too.

Sharing what we’ve learned

The organizations and leaders we serve inform how we work and our strategies moving forward. We are committed to sharing knowledge from our successes and setbacks. Read more in our reports and resources.