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Transformational Capacity Building

As a supplement to our other grants, Transformational Capacity Building funds help Inatai grantee organizations build their knowledge, capacity, and capabilities for building power in their community. Depending on where an organization is in their power-building journey, we offer tailored funding to meet their capacity-building needs in the areas listed below. If you’re an existing grantee organization who would like to learn more, please contact our team or reach out directly to your program officer.

Learning & Leadership Grants

Conferences, workshops, and training programs can be an effective way to strengthen your team’s skills, but they’re often out of reach financially. Our Learning & Leadership grants are designed to help existing grantees bridge this gap.

This opportunity is only available to current grantee organizations.

A person in focus in the forefront taking notes on paper while two people are in the background having a conversation on a sofa.

Community leaders at the Power to the Voter Summit in Vancouver. Photo: Uly Curry.

A group of young people taking a selfie in an office space.

The Foundation for Youth Resiliency & Engagement preparing to open their Omak office in 2021. Photo courtesy of FYRE.

Operational Stability

Do you want to start thinking about community power building, but are still trying to get on your feet as an organization? This grant focuses on stabilizing organization operations so that you can begin to visualize a role in supporting your community to build power. To learn more, contact your program officer at Inatai. 

Change Capital

Whether its structural reorganizations, leadership transitions, or redefining strategies, change can be hard. This grant prioritizes organizations already engaged in community power building, but need the extra support to meet clear goals that will take their work to the next level. To learn more, contact your program officer at Inatai.

    A Latina person holding and speaking into a microphone.

    Magaly Solis talking about her work as executive director of La Casa Hogar. Photo: Uly Curry.

    A group of community members, both children and adults, standing in the circle in a parking lot with hand-painted signs in the background.

    Naima Chambers-Smith of the Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council speaks during an Inatai gathering. Photo: Uly Curry.

    Sometimes it takes an outside expert to help you advance in your journey. When that’s the case, we work with grantees to identify and fund a values-aligned consultant they are comfortable with to support them. To learn more, contact your program officer at Inatai. 

    Accessibility commitment

    We are committed to making the application process available in languages other than English and to people with disabilities. We are also excited to work with organizations that are new to us. To those ends, we provide: 

    • Interpretation and translation services (including American Sign Language and/or Communication Accessible Realtime Translation), 
    • Large-print formats of instructions and applications, 
    • Alternative application methods, including over the phone, by video or voice recording, and on paper, 
    • Support from professional grant writers. 

      Please contact us at if you need one of these or another service, and we will do our best to provide it. We know it takes time, trust, and effort to request these services, and thank you for sharing how we can make this process work for you.