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Every community deserves the power and freedom to make decisions for themselves 

Our grantmaking supports leaders and organizations rooted in racially diverse communities throughout Washington working to build power and advance racial justice and equity.

A person with their fist in the air during a demonstration on the steps of the Washington State Capitol Building.

An Ecosystem of Change

Funding is a crucial part of the ecosystem of social change. Through core grantmaking and targeted support, in addition to convenings and political advocacy, we seek to create the best possible conditions for communities to build and sustain their own power. Together, we will tip the balance of power in communities’ favor.    

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Two elders with the Yakama Nation are seated and talking with one another during an outdoor celebration.

Community leaders with Iksiks Washana’lama (Little Swans Dancers) at our Pasco office opening party. Photo: Ignacio Marquez

Communities know best

Every day, organizations led by and for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color; people who are LGBTQIA+; immigrants; people with disabilities; people living on low incomes; and people who experience ableism, gender inequity, and ageism work to create a more equitable and racially just Washington.

People from these communities know better than anyone what they want and need to build power and play a direct role in deciding the policies and systems that affect their lives.

Organizations of, by, and for their people

We seek to build relationships and fund community organizations of, by, and for their people that see racial justice as the key to achieving equity of all kinds. Too often, these groups have been overlooked, underfunded, or deemed “risky” by traditional philanthropy. We believe the real risk is failing to act on opportunity where it exists. Our funding prioritizes organizations that are:

  • Within the leaders and organizations rooted in their communities

  • Rooted in and reflective of community
  • Pursuing racial justice and equity as inseparable goals
  • Building community power
A person talking to two other community members at a party.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center’s annual New Year celebration. Photo: Uly Curry

Our Grants

Building a Better Washington For All

We make grants to leaders and organizations that are unapologetically defending their communities, working to dismantle the power structures that exclude them, and rebuild better ones in their place.

    [Sponsorships] A person wearing food service gloves laughs on the floor of a community party


    Events and convenings are important opportunities for people to connect, celebrate, plan, and learn together. We support community organizations working for racial justice and equity as they host celebrations, leadership retreats, strategic planning sessions, and other events.

    Hosting an event?
    [Community Power] Dozens of people seated around tables during a community assembly

    Community Power

    These three-year, core-support grants are for newer, smaller community-based organizations serving people and working in places that are often overlooked and underfunded by traditional philanthropy.

    Learn about the types of organizations we support.
    [Systems Change] A group of eight people in bright colors and holding signs posing for a photo in celebration of Pride.

    Systems Change

    These three-year, core-support grants are for larger-scale organizations building community power through advocacy, political action, organizing, narrative change, and other community-centered work.

    Learn about the types of organizations we support.
    [CLIP Fund] Two people seated on a couch and talking with one another during an event.

    Campaigns, Litigation, Issues, & Policy

    The CLIP Fund (Campaigns, Litigation, Issues, and Policy Fund) provides targeted support to political, policy, and advocacy work that changes conditions affecting communities, and that lays the groundwork for longer-term change.

    Learn about the types of activity we support.
    [Sovereign Nations] A group of five Chinook community leaders perform a song with drums.

    sovereign nations

    This fund specifically support the racial justice and equity work of tribes and sovereign nations across Washington state.

    Are you a tribal nation looking to get in touch?
    [Transformative Capacity Building] A large group of people posing for a photo with a sign reading “End Deportation” in the background.


    The Transformative Capacity Building Fund provides additional resources to current Inatai grant recipients for specific uses related to strengthening organizational capacity.

    Learn more about this fund.
    [Emerging Opportunities] A group of about ten people demonstrating on a street corner, holding signs that read “POCs with disability matters” and “Disability Awareness Month.”

    EMerging Opportunities

    These grants explore specific power-building efforts that grantees and community leaders have told us will advance their long-term capabilities and goals. Past areas of funding support include immigration justice, generational community wealth, and legal aid and civil rights enforcement.

    Learn more about this fund.
    [Beyond Washington] A group of five people wearing t-shirts that read “PIVOT” and holding a sign that says “AAPI Against Hate.”

    beyond Washington

    Inatai’s primary focus is Washington, but elections, policies, and litigation outside our state have an impact on communities within our state. These grants support multicultural and culturally specific legal advocacy, political organizing, voter engagement, and voter protection work happening beyond Washington.

    Please email us with any questions.
    [Response & Recovery] People organizing a food drive with one person handing another person a large head of greens.

    Response & Recovery

    In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and before its magnitude was known, Inatai set up this fund and deployed grants in response. Since then, the portfolio has shifted to respond to the realities of the last few years and will soon sunset.

    Our final grants from this fund will support ongoing advocacy, organizing, and policy work.

    Our people are everywhere

    Inatai funds community-based organizations, fiscally sponsored projects, and tribal entities leading transformative work to improve equity and advance racial justice.

    Grantmaking process

    how we make grants

    Connecting with our team

    This can happen in several ways. It can start with a meeting with our community engagement team, or an organization we currently support recommending a partner to us.

    Getting to know each other

    We connect with organizations a few times to understand their work, the  people they serve, and how their leadership reflects those communities. We also share our grantmaking priorities.

    Extending an invitation to apply 

    Based on what we learn and current funding opportunities available, we invite eligible organizations to apply for a grant.  

    Working to build a better Washington together 

    We continue to connect with grantee organizations through regional and issue-specific events and offering information on other funding opportunities.

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