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Meet Andrew Lin

Apr 5, 2024

Photo: Andrew stops to pose while immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland during his unforgettable 10-day hiking adventure along the John Muir Way.

Education has been a guiding force throughout Andrew Lin’s life. Andrew (he/him/his) learned from the example of his family in China, who for generations embodied the spirit of learning and intellectual exploration. Even 100 years ago, the majority of Andrew’s women family members went to both high school and college, which was not common at the time.  

It is no surprise, then, that Andrew valued education from a young age—becoming a top student in school and college. After accumulating experience first as an investment banker and then as a private equity investor, he moved to the U.S. in 2016 to attend Columbia Business School for his Master of Business Administration, joining its selective Value Investing Program. After Columbia, Andrew further improved his investment framework with Himalaya Capital based in Seattle—a position that brought him to Washington.   

Andrew’s journey to Inatai Foundation was prompted, among other factors, by a harrowing experience that happened to his wife amid the wave of anti-Asian violence that hit communities across the country at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 “I have been actively involved in the local Asian community, and especially early during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the increase in anti-Asian violence and discrimination across the nation,” Andrew shares. “My wife was attacked twice in downtown Seattle, prompting me to become more vigilant about such incidents and stay informed about ongoing developments. One day, I saw news that Inatai Foundation granted $1 million in emergency funding to support Asian and Pacific Islander organizations in the state. I was moved by this great gesture.” 

 Fast-forward to February 2024, when Andrew officially became a Portfolio Manager at Inatai Foundation. In this role, Andrew serves as a generalist investment professional with the foundation’s subsidiary, Inatai Investment Management Company, which offers services on a cost-sharing, rather than a for-profit, basis to partners with shared values and long-term commitments to equity and racial justice in Washington.  

Andrew says he has a “passion for creating positive impact through investing”—a skill set that he honed through attending a sustainable finance and investment program at Yale University, receiving the Certificate in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing from the CFA Institute, and receiving a certificate in sustainable management from Duke University, complementing his CFA charter, ACCA membership, and CPA license in Washington.  

Now, Andrew brings his 12 years of experience and expertise to Inatai. “The foundation has a 50-Year Vision. That means that when we invest, we should have that kind of long-term horizon in mind. Being part of such a special foundation also provides me with an exciting opportunity to learn about philanthropy.”  

When he’s not working, Andrew can be found running, hiking with his wife, and reading—not to mention investing in the education of the next generation. Andrew has translated seven investment books from English to Chinese, both for his own learning and to benefit Chinese investors. Additionally, Andrew founded an alumni association for his undergraduate college that is dedicated to addressing the needs of students seeking to advance their education domestically and abroad. 

“As I reflect on my journey from high school to where I am now, I feel grateful for the invaluable support I received from numerous senior people,” Andrew contemplates. “In some cases, I didn’t have the ability to pay them back; in others, they simply didn’t need my help. So, then I had the thought that if I cannot reciprocate their kindness, then I will pay it forward.”  

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