Meet Bowei Gao

Aug 19, 2021

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Bowei as a Georgetown University freshman, visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands.

When Bowei Gao thinks of financial knowledge and capital, he sees all the ways investments can make a real difference in the world. Finance brings new products or services to the marketplace, and more often than not, creates social value and drives impact.

“Ever since I was in high school, I’ve really admired Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba,” says Bowei. “Alibaba empowered small businesses to sell merchandise online, making the payment system secure and building trust between customers and sellers. They empowered millions of people to make a living by creating small businesses, which created a positive social impact.”

Bowei Gao comes to Group Health Foundation from LP Analyst, where he analyzed private markets and advised foundations and university endowments on their investment portfolios. Through his research, Bowei observed how fund managers used their capital to help businesses grow or transform an industry.

As part of the three-year rotational analyst program at Group Health Foundation, Bowei will leverage his professional experience to screen and research private managers to understand their investment philosophy and capabilities. As he moves through the program, Bowei is also excited to learn about public markets and broaden his investment expertise.

As someone driven by social impact, Bowei understands the connection between his work and the Foundation’s goals. He says, “if I do a great job, it’s very meaningful because I know the investment return will be used in good ways: to promote social justice and support communities around Washington State.”

Going to high school in Singapore meant Bowei had the opportunity to learn from people representing a broad array of countries, communities, and backgrounds. Bowei says, “it was important to fully understand racial justice and contribute to the work so I could make my community a better place.”

When Bowei first moved to the United States, he learned about the country’s deep racial injustices. Despite this, he is passionate about racial and social justice because he believes America can and should live up to its potential: being a place where people of all backgrounds can succeed.

As part of his work on the investment team, Bowei has plenty of opportunities to incorporate his passion for racial justice. He says, “I appreciate that we screen and select managers that align with the Foundation’s mission. We ask about their approach to gender and racial diversity, as well as how they promote social value and make the world a better place.” Bowei is excited to work at an organization that aligns so closely with his own values.

Bowei has a master of finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in finance, with a minor in economics, from Georgetown University. In his free time, Bowei likes exploring nature, playing basketball and golf, and trying out new restaurants.

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