The Community Hope mural organized by poet Jordan Chaney is a large red rose breaking through concrete, and covers the side of a bakery in downtown Pasco.


Porsche Everson

How legacy matters: Q&A with Porsche Everson

Group Health Foundation was created using the proceeds from Kaiser Permanente’s acquisition of Group Health Cooperative, with the goal of carrying on Group Health’s legacy of social impact. Porsche Everson, who served on Group Health Cooperative’s board for nine years and is one of four continuity members on Group Health Foundation’s board, shares insights on the formation and early days of the Foundation and how it’s shaped by Group Health Cooperative’s legacy.Read More »

Group Health Foundation

Board of directors: Key decisions and early lessons from the inaugural years

Prior to the formation of the foundation, Group Health Cooperative asked The Giving Practice to contact similar foundations to learn about how those entities were created and key lessons. This report summarizes what we learned with regards to honoring legacy, fostering a learning culture, building trust and relationships before setting strategy, committing to equity, and more.Read More »

Nicole Maher

Announcing our new CEO Nichole June Maher

Group Health Foundation is honored to announce Nichole June Maher will become the new president and CEO of Group Health Foundation in October 2018, leading the organization in our bold pursuit of health equity for Washington State. Nichole brings visionary leadership, grounded in two decades of work dedicated to achieving a more equitable Oregon and Southwest Washington.Read More »

Ben Danielson

Our equity journey so far: Q&A with Dr. Ben Danielson

Since the formation of Group Health Foundation’s board of directors last spring, we’ve been exploring the core values and principles that define our organization. Early on, equity emerged as a leading value for us. Read on for an excerpt from a Q&A with Board Vice Chair Dr. Ben Danielson about the early stages of the foundation’s equity journey.Read More »