Meet Komal Sanklecha

Apr 18, 2023

Komal with her family on vacation in Nasik, India.

This is how Komal Sanklecha (she/her/hers) describes her journey to Inatai: “When it comes to my career, I have had a roller coaster journey.” An investment operations analyst and recent addition to the foundation, she explains that the path to Seattle had many unexpected turns. Thanks to her father, a guiding force who taught her to be grounded and humble when faced with challenges, Komal has handled life’s surprises with grace.

After completing undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance from the University of Pune in Nasik, India, Komal decided to pursue her second master’s in London. Komal remembers, “I landed in the UK, and I was scared because I had never stepped out of my home country before. I told my sister I didn’t believe I could do it over the phone, and she encouraged me.” Ultimately, Komal’s time in London was a period of invaluable learning and personal growth.

Komal then moved to Pune, India, where she worked as a financial analyst for nearly two years, but faced a new obstacle when her father was suddenly diagnosed with a health condition . She explains that the choice to move closer to her parents was an easy one: “I quit my job in Pune, moved back home, and I became a high-school educator.”

While not part of her original plan, working as a high-school teacher gave Komal a fresh perspective and energized her. “I had a blast being a teacher,” says Komal. “It was fun because the students were open and curious to know what the world is all about. Since I studied abroad, I could bring that to the table.”

Komal’s life took another turn when she married her husband and moved to the United States. She was eager to move from Memphis, Tennessee, to Washington, where her husband had landed a new job, but in another unanticipated twist of fate, the COVID-19 pandemic began and complicated an already lengthy and complex moving process.

The path to Seattle eventually became clear for the two, and once they settled in, Komal’s husband encouraged her to pursue her passions. She took the opportunity to further her education at Seattle University, where she recently earned her third master’s degree. Komal gained exposure to different elements of finance while studying in Seattle but credits her internship with Yunity for leading her to her role at Inatai.

Komal standing before a table decorated with flowers and offerings for Ganesh Chaturhi, a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Hindu god Ganesha.

Komal holds immense pride in her Indian heritage. She actively participates in cultural events and enthusiastically celebrates festivals. Komal also loves to travel. Spain holds a special place in her heart as one of her most memorable adventures. She’s looking forward to adding new destinations to her list of countries visited, which currently stands at 15.

Although Komal has enjoyed the thrill ride of experiences that brought her to Seattle, her role with Inatai has her thinking about what it means to be grounded and connected. She says she’s been impressed by and grateful for the support of her new colleagues during her onboarding process. She finds it refreshing that Inatai is a place that supports work-community balance. Komal shares, “When I think about my career with Inatai, it’s more like a long-term relationship.”

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